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Every business needs a website. It is the best way to reach new customers, strengthen the relationship with old ones and build a recognizable brand. To do so the website should offer an insight into services and show what the brand is all about. High-quality content writing will point out exactly that!

If you are not a prolific writer able to craft engaging and informative content, don’t despair, your business can still blossom. All you have to do is contact Made Online, a content creation agency whose writers can give even Stephen King a run for his money. Content writing is one of the best tools your brand has at its disposal, so let us help you utilize it and become a force to be reckoned with!

What Is Content Writing and Why Is It Important For a Successful Business

Before jumping on the bandwagon that is content writing, as every professional business owner, you should know what this concept actually includes. Simply put, it refers to professional writing created for specific marketing purposes. Created content is published online for many different reasons – increasing traffic on the website, informing customers about services and products. However, the most important thing is reaching the target audience with well-crafted messages that can come in the form of articles, sales copy, social media, blogs and page posts. 

Using content writing services comes with many benefits. It helps the business with the branding process, which is more than just having a name and logo of the company posted online. The heart of every brand are not only logos and colors, its core revolves around the emotional impact it has on the audience. There is no better way to connect with customers than words. 

Having high-quality, thoroughly researched, and engaging content will have a lasting impact on the customers. With it, you are building a unique voice across your website and engaging with the audience. Creating a strong relationship with a brand will ensure your business thrives in this competitive online age.

SEO Writing Is Essential For Branding

There are around 2.05 billion online shoppers, making the world wide web the biggest business playground. However, with so many online options, business owners might wonder how to put their company in the spotlight?

Since 95% of all people only look at the first page of their search results, focusing on SEO content marketing has become one of the essential strategies. With fully optimized content, the businesses are not only engaging with the audience they are also reinforcing brand messages. Posting SEO blogs and articles will help the business rank among the top ones on Google, which will lead to an increase in customers and traffic.

High-quality SEO writing will emphasize the brand name, its products, and services so that potential customers can easily find it online. That’s where Made Online writers can help you. They can create optimized content and help you reach your audience, no matter if your services include restoring medieval castles or selling cars.

Data shows that around 90% of pages on Google get zero traffic, meaning nobody is visiting them, nobody cares what’s written there. Your business shouldn’t have these. With our help, your pages can have as much traffic as the streets of Los Angeles during the rush hour.

Let Us Blow Your Mind With Some Content Writing Stats

Using content writing services is a trend that many companies followed in the last year. If you are still wondering why you should use it as the business strategy, check out the following stats:

  • Around 81% of customers check the website before purchasing in a physical shop
  • Almost 91% of the customers visit the physical shop because of the online user experience
  • When consuming content, 70% of people would rather read something that is not plain
  • Approximately 65% of businesses fail in producing engaging content
  • Content marketing generates three times more leads than a traditional one.
  • Conversion rates are approximately six times higher for those who adopted content marketing than those who didn’t.

Made Online SEO Content Writing Services Will Put Your Business on the World Wide Map

Caption: We Will Rock Your World Wide Web

Go ahead and search the keywords that describe your business, is your company’s website among the top results on Google? If the answer is no, Made Online can help you! Our team will craft optimized content that will include keywords related to the niche your business is in. With original, engaging, and optimized blogs, pages, and other articles, your website will most likely, after a while, pop up all over the search. 

Being on the first page of Google will be essential for your business success because the first five organic results account for more than 67% of all the clicks. Even though Google’s search algorithm uses more than 200 factors for ranking, the Made Online team knows how to check most of them, which will inevitably help your website rank higher.

Our Website Content Writing Services Are Tailored for Your Business

Your brand should be original, it should represent the way you conduct business and all the services you offer. That’s why it needs to have tailored content that will perfectly match its vibe. Luckily, Made Online content writers don’t use a cookie-cutter approach when creating blogs, pages, and articles. When it comes to content writing, our team does its research and adapts it to your brand’s needs. 


Our writers will focus on writing for the target audience, all while using the right keywords. Everything they create will be industry-related, informative, and fact-checked. Your blog section, landing, and service pages will exactly describe your brand. This way customers will know exactly what your business is about.

Our Content Writers Bring All the Customers to the Website

Having original, engaging, and informative articles are a holy trinity of content writing. Reading something that provides information about a specific topic but is at the same time entertaining is everything the online audience wants. Luckily, the Made Online team of experienced and diverse writers can provide you with just that. No matter what your niche is, we will research it like trained secret service agents, and we will deliver written material worth reading. All you have to do is tell us what kind of content you actually need.

Our Team Is Creative and Insightful When It Comes to Writing Blog Posts

Blog posts are written in a conversational style, and they serve to inform the audience and drive organic traffic to your website. Made Online team of content writers can create original blog posts that can vary from listicles and checklists to how-to tutorials. We will engage your customers by providing them with useful information which will strengthen your brand and their trust in it. Blogs are also excellent for showcasing the need for your product or service, so they can be a powerful marketing weapon, and luckily we know how to use it.

Made Online Writers Excel in Creating Optimized and Informative Service Pages

To succeed in the business world, you need to represent your brand in the best way possible. Customers need to know what exactly it is you are selling or what kind of service you offer. To do so, your website needs to have detailed, straightforward, and informative service pages.

Made Online team can help you represent your company by creating optimized pages that explain the exact service or product you are selling. We will make sure all frequently asked questions about your brand and the industry are answered, and there will be a clear call to action. When the customers land on your service page, they will have all the necessary information, and they will know exactly what to expect from your company.

With Our Product Description Everybody Will Want What You Are Selling

It is easy to describe a cup – it is just a white ceramic cup. However, convincing potential customers that the simple white mug is something they absolutely need to enjoy their morning coffee requires skill and experience in product descriptions. Made Online content writers can easily write down product descriptions that will not only inform your customers about the items but also convince them to buy them. 


Statistics show that 87% of consumers think that it is extremely important to have a product description on the website.


98% of consumers will be discouraged to buy items if the content is bad. To avoid losing customers, contact us, and our team will describe your items in a unique way that will make sure you gain profit.  

Made Online Creative Team Makes Writing Content Easy

Writing is not easy, that’s why there is only one Shakespear and Jane Austin. However, you don’t have to channel your inner poet to produce creative content (we know that business owners are quite busy with other things). Our content writing agency can make your troubles go away. We will create everything you want and need to have on the website. 

You might wonder how exactly we’ll do it – Made Online team consists of hand-selected, in-house professional writers that have years of experience in content writing. They work closely with our team of editors that make sure all the content is held up to the highest standards. Everything they do is fact and proofread, and what you get as a final product is 100% original content.

Caption: Team That Has Your Back

We Are a One-Stop-Shop for All of Your Marketing Needs

Made Online is an SEO marketing agency that can cater to all of your marketing needs. Our company consists of different teams that can provide you with various services that will make your business notable online:

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Website Development Service can help your website showcase everything you offer. Let us design it and make it the best possible business card in the online world.

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SEO services

SEO services can help the website drive organic visitors and have better rankings. Our SEO agency will put your website on the map.

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Social Networks Services

Social Networks Services will make sure the business is represented on all social media platforms from Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and TikTok, we got you covered.

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Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click gives immediate results, but without the right advertising agency by your side, you can easily blow the budget without any visible effects. Made Online can help you get all of your money's worth.

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No matter how big or small the business is, having an online presence is mandatory if you want to be successful. Building strong relationships with customers and providing them with all the necessary information about the business is the right way to make your brand stand out among the rest. To do so, contact Made Online. We will, with our original and engaging content writing services, help you reach greatness. Don’t wait up to get Made Online!