PPC Services

If you wish to improve the visibility of your website, it’s important to know what PPC means for business. We at Made Online are experts in providing PPC services to customers, but we also ensure they understand the elements and benefits of every service we offer. Read more about what PPC is and how it affects your business.

What Are PPC Services and How Do They Help Your Business?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click, and it’s a strategy used in the advertising and marketing industry. It helps businesses reach their customers and grow brands through paid search advertising and management. The ads can run online when you advertise your products or business, but they’re only paid when a potential customer clicks on them.

So, what do PPC services include? With the pay-per-click service, you can get your brand to higher online visibility levels, not just on Google. The paid advertising system works across all social media platforms, from Instagram and Facebook to LinkedIn.

How Pay Per Click Marketing Works

Pay-per-click companies start ad campaigns based on keywords. They use PPC campaign management services to assign a certain value to specific keywords and phrases. They base the terms’ values on their search volume, difficulty, and level of competition. A more searched term generates more revenue, but also brings more competition to your doorstep.

The step by step of PPC advertising services goes something like this:

  • You ask a PPC services company to help you with paid ads management,
  • You give an advertising agency a specific budget plus their fee for joining the search engine’s pay-per-click program and for setting up and monitoring the ad campaign,
  • They create an ad and specify keywords that will be associated with it,
  • Clicks take off a certain amount of money, and the advertiser can determine how much each costs. Sometimes the bid for a keyword’s value is automatic, but the higher its value, the greater the chances are of being ahead of the competition,
  • When a user heads to Google or Bing and types in a keyword that’s part of your ad campaign, they’ll get results. If a potential customer clicks on your ad, your budget takes a slight loss but brings you a user.

Potential customers may not see your business on the first page if your ad campaigns aren’t well-optimized. Additionally, a lack of experience cannot be compensated by a large budget; that will only burn a hole through your wallet. This is where the pay-per-click system works well hand in hand with SEO optimization, and how experienced campaign managers can optimize your ads.

PPC Management Services Combined With SEO Improve Traffic

Every advertising and social media marketing agency knows there’s no successful pay-per-click campaign without proper SEO optimization. They go together because SEO is the most helpful tool for making a website successful in reaching its target audience.

Some might say that SEO is slow to take off, as it’s focused on a website’s organic reach. Since pay-per-click can work in broader ways and target an audience you intend to attract, it’s a beautiful solution to combine these two and create an impressive digital ad campaign.

How PPC Boosts the Online Results and Hits for Your Business

Depending on your goals, the pay-per-click campaign can be run on a variety of platforms. Some of them are:

  • Social media paid advertisements – you can run a campaign on any social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are the most popular). Facebook and Instagram ads typically reach people based on their searched interests, hobbies, or likes. This is an excellent way to reach a targeted audience, especially for businesses that have (or want to have) a great social media presence.
  • Display advertisements – this is one of the most efficient ways to reach target audiences. When a potential customer visits a Google-partnered site, display ads with pictures pop up and entice users to click the banner. 
  • YouTube advertisements – also known as In-Stream ads. This simply means that advertisements appear during a YouTube video stream or even before or after the video.
  • Google Shopping ads – when users search for your keywords on Google, they’ll get a small box above or next to the official search engine results. The box contains the paid advertisements that clearly display the product that the user’s interested in. This way, they can take the chance to visit the site before scrolling further.

A Professional SEO Agency Like Made Online Does Pay Per Click Advertising

As a professional content marketing agency, we understand the importance of ad campaigns that can reach a significant number of customers. With our PPC campaign management skills and expertise, your business can reach the top of the search engine results and dominate the first page of Google in no time. Made Online is the best SEO agency to get made with and see fantastic results.

As an Advertising Agency, We Offer Other Digital Solutions, Too

We’re both a marketing and ad agency, but besides running ad and marketing campaigns, we create other digital solutions that can boost your business’s reach and website.

Our services include: 

  • SEO marketing,
  • Local SEO marketing,
  • Youtube SEO,
  • Website development,
  • Free website audit,
  • Social media management,
  • Web and graphic design,
  • Content writing and content distribution.

Made Online Offers Services to Help Your Business Get Made

As a professional SEO agency, we’re here to help you bring your business to the level you’ve always imagined it to be. Each of our team members is dedicated to providing the highest quality content and optimization out there. We’re the pathway to getting made online and gaining a powerful digital presence. Don’t hesitate and contact Made Online for the best results of your career.