Digital marketing strategies in the automotive industry have proven to be twice as effective as those that come from more traditional marketing practices. However, in order to stand out in the highly competitive landscape of the auto sector, your strategy needs to be innovative and impeccable – and that’s where our SEO marketing services come along. Find out why partnering with Made Online will become one of your best business decisions. 

The Importance of Digital Marketing in Today’s Landscape

According to eMarketer, the auto industry accounted for almost one-quarter of all retail sales in the US in 2019. There is no denying that it is one of the largest retail sectors in the US, but it also comes with significant competitiveness. 

Did you know that 95% of those who intend to buy or rent a vehicle use online sources of information? Data also suggest that:

  • Automotive consumers tend to visit 4.2 websites on average during their purchasing process,
  • A typical car-buying experience has 24 touchpoints, 19 of which are digital,
  • The average automotive shopper uses a mobile device for research 33% of the time,
  • An average buyer spends around 14 hours online when researching options, 
  • 39% of potential buyers start their research with a search engine.


Therefore, one of the best tools to help you reach a competitive advantage, no matter your automotive business size, is digital marketing. A digital marketing strategy based on thorough research and vast industry and marketing knowledge will enable you to reach a wider range of target customers, build brand recognition, and, ultimately, drive sales. Our digital marketing agency can help you reach that goal – and here is how. 

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A Team That Can Drive Customers Directly to You

As we already pointed out, a large number of automotive consumers conduct their research online before visiting a shop. Therefore, making a website that is user-centric, aesthetically appealing, and functional is a necessity if you intend to get as many purchasing customers out of your web guests as possible. 

Our website development agency has plenty of experience in creating websites with exceptional contact structures that are responsive on all devices and easy to navigate. Our skilled team of developers and designers is able to create a fully customized digital solution designed strategically to appeal to your target market. On top of that, we ensure that all websites we work on are load-speed optimized – don’t forget that low site speed is one of the main reasons potential customers opt to leave a website. Therefore, rest assured that Made Online is a website design agency capable of providing you with the right tool to make you stand out among your competitors. 

A Prime-Quality SEO Services Agency to Make You Relevant in the Eyes of Your Clients

Creating an exceptional website and content is necessary when you wish to attract more customers – but it’s far from the only thing you need to do in order to be seen. Did you know that when looking for information, 75% of online users do not scroll past Google’s first page? Fortunately, our SEO marketing services can help you get there. Our industry-driven search engine optimization will help you get organic traffic by optimizing different aspects of your website (content, keywords, meta-tags, navigation links, headlines) so your business is able to rank on the first page of search engine results – and get more leads. 

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With Us, You’ll Become Visible to the Target Customers in Your Area

One of the reasons we are the best SEO agency is the optimization we can provide on a local level. Local SEO benefits all businesses that have a brick-and-mortar location or provide services in a certain geographic area – and most automotive industry companies do. More than 90% of US consumers look for local businesses they are interested in online, so you need to have a good local SEO strategy implemented into your marketing plan. Made Online is there to provide you with it.

In order for you to reach as many target customers as possible in your area, we will also create and manage your Google My Business account, which becomes a powerful lead generation tool when maintained the right way. With mastered local SEO skills, we will be able to optimize your profile in the best way and make it rank as high as possible. 

We Bring Higher Innovation and Creative Levels Than Other Automotive Content Distribution Companies

While for some buying a new vehicle is an impulsive decision, a lot more people want to be well-informed before making such a big purchase. Our content marketing agency is here to help you create an effective content distribution system able to provide your consumers with the information they need and simultaneously help you generate more traffic and conversions. 

The truth is, a website can’t exist without content. However, the better content you’re able to provide, the more engaged web guests you’ll get – and the more likely they are to transform into purchasing customers. Whether you wish to answer some of the industry-specific questions in a blog format or create a powerful custom landing page, our content writing agency is ready to provide you with rich and informative content material capable of creating the right connection between your customer and you. 

We Use Various Digital Marketing Techniques to Make You Generate More Leads

As an experienced digital marketing agency, we are able to use different digital tools in order to help you reach more audiences and provide you with results that are measurable and scalable. Our team can make your business grow and evolve with our web development, SEO, and content distribution services. However, keep in mind that we are also experts when it comes to:

In recent years, different social media platforms have become a new way of reaching a target audience. By creating a customized social media marketing strategy, our social media agency can help you promote your business the right way to a large number of potential customers at the same time.

Some studies show that in the automotive industry, up to 66% of calls that are generated by a search engine come from paid search advertising. Our professional SEO agency is able to provide you with an ingenious PPC campaign that will allow your business to dominate as much space as possible on Google’s first page.

YouTube is a platform that can provide exceptional traffic for businesses that come from the automotive industry. However, potential customers first must be able to see your videos – and our extensive YouTube SEO knowledge can make it happen. 

Let Made Online Wheel Your Way To Success

In today’s world, having an effective digital marketing plan is a must for all companies that wish to grow their business, but it’s especially important for industries that are as competitive as the automotive one. However, with a Made Online team of digital marketing experts able to make your presence known, you have nothing to fear. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible – and we will help you achieve your goal. 

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