Website Development

Website Development

If you’re looking for ways to make your online presence stand out and look professional, look no further. We at the Made Online agency understand how much web design and code languages mean for creating high-quality content. So, how can you get made with our website development?

Why Do You Need Good Website Development?

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have a well-functioning site. Many businesses can’t see the expected results for years, and some even fail because they don’t have a good online presence.

Here are some web design-related statistics to give you an idea of its importance:

Slow-loading websites generate

billion in losses every year
$ 0

An average user takes

to form an impression of a website
0 s

The average amount of minutes is

that mobile users spend visiting the site
0 -3

The percentage of first impressions about a site that are design-related


The percentage of users that continue to use a site because they like its front-end design


The percentage of visitors that believe that an undeveloped mobile site means a business doesn’t care about attracting customers.


The percentage of visitors that become customers if the site loading time is reduced from 8 to 2 seconds


The percentage of visitors that believe that an undeveloped mobile site means a business doesn’t care about attracting customers.


Having a professional and well-optimized site is vital for a business’s success. Design and coding make it more user-friendly and good-looking. In order to have a good online presence, you have to have a well-developed website. A visitor becomes a user if your website is able to draw their attention in under a second; that’s how long it takes for an average person to decide if your business is worth their time

With the help of a team of professional front and back-end developers, not only do you get a site worth visiting but one that functions flawlessly on all levels. This is why the best idea for good traffic is to hire a website development agency like Made Online.

You Can Have A Great Online Portfolio With Our Web Development

Our team of developers knows what it takes to create a good site. Today, people first search online when they wish to hire a service or buy something. If their user experience is lacking, they’ll simply give up and look elsewhere. With your brief and input on what you need for your website, we can provide the best option for you.

The Importance of Having a Mobile-Friendly Website

After the analyses and discussions comes the first website draft. We discuss the options and potential changes together, which our developers then implement. Some talk of design and aesthetics come into consideration, too.

Finally, a business’s online presence isn’t complete without mobile-friendly websites. Most users spend time browsing the web on their mobile devices, and more than half of them give up on a site if it’s not mobile-friendly. This is why we take the time to discuss optimizing your site for mobile phones and devices.

Made Online Has Developers With More Than 12 Years of Web Development Experience

Every developer in our agency is a reliable programmer that knows what it takes to make a site stand out from the crowd with good design and programming tools. With our website development services, you’ll learn what it takes to have a successful online presence.

Our agency is different from others when it comes to maintenance services, too. While other agencies charge fees for keeping your site clean and polished, we provide a 2-year period of free maintenance services.

If you have parts of the site that feel lacking and unappealing, you can get a free audit with our agency to hear what could be worked on and fixed to be more user-friendly and attractive. If Javascript is making your site slow and impossible to use, we’re here to help with that, too. It’s easier to get made with Made Online by your side.

What Do You Need to Get Made?

While we help your online presence and site feel more professional and functional, we also have tools to make your entire business successful. Aside from site development, we offer:

SEO Marketing Services

Local SEO Marketing Services

YouTube SEO

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

Social Media Management

Design (Web And Graphic)

Content writing and content distribution services

Free website audit

With these services, you’ll see how quickly your online presence can go from zero to hero. Whatever you like to work on, we can help you learn more about these aspects of business and grow them for you. 

If You Want Your Business and Ideas to Get Made, Get in Touch

Using the help of a content marketing agency to develop your business is one of the best ideas you could have. With professional assistance, there’s not much you can’t accomplish. We at Made Online pride ourselves on the expertise and knowledge that every team member displays, and it’s something you’ll see and be a part of when you hire us. If you have a business idea, we have the skills and tools to make that idea a reality.