In the US alone, there are an estimated half a million different tech companies. These numbers are saying something about the vast competition, but it doesn’t stop there. Everyone in this industry is aware that it’s not only about breaking the market in the US – the pool extends all over the globe. Made Online can help you achieve great results, and our digital marketing efforts are just what you need as part of your growth strategy.

Ranking Matters, Let Us Get You Up There

Being innovative in the tech industry is not only valuable but has also become a necessity. But since the tech landscape is filled with software companies, startups, and IT services, being on top is very hard. While coming up with new ideas is something you do on your own, partnering up with an SEO agency that knows what they are doing will get your ideas seen by the relevant audience.

Let’s Analyze Why Digital Marketing Is Important

Software and tech innovations are evolving all the time, so your marketing efforts should aim to follow. But let’s take a look at some stats first, to show you what we’re here for:

  • 72% of B2B tech businesses have said that they find marketing efforts on LinkedIn effective.
  • Up to 96% of consumers have said that they want more informational content from industry leaders.
  • More than 50% of sales in the tech industry in 2020 have been driven by digital marketing.

With these numbers in mind, it’s plain to see just how important it is to adapt and overcome the challenges in the global market.

We Are Flexible, Creative, and Driven

No matter what project we take upon ourselves, we aim to deliver because your goals are our goals, and it’s to make your vision visible to others. Is your company based on a rigid system, so you have a feeling you’re not reaching out to the audience in the right way? We are an SEO services agency that can help you adapt to what your clients require. We also excel at new and fresh ideas and thinking outside the box, but with your set goals in mind.

SEO Gets You Relevant Traffic

There are many things our SEO marketing agency could say about the importance of SEO marketing services. But it’s easier to prove the point with numbers. Around 50% of B2B companies spend more than $20,000 on B2B SEO, and more than half of the traffic comes from organic searches. Here’s another one for you – almost 40% of buyers are influenced by relevant searches. In the vast competitive landscape of tech, these numbers mean a lot. Our SEO efforts are custom designed to help you stand out and rank, and we do so by combining keyword-rich quality content with a great website experience.

Content Makes Your Offer Special

Your clients will come to you, but you will need something special to make them stay – and that is to provide them with answers to some of their questions. Our professional SEO agency has a team that’s versed in many industries, and after we get to know you, we can enrich your website with high-quality, well-written content. Content with the help of industry-specific SEO is an efficient and cost-effective method that will establish your position among the most relevant. Lean into what our content writing agency has to offer, and show search engines that your website holds relevant information so they can rank you.

Gliding With Ease on Your Website Is Key

Ranking high consists of many factors, and page speed is one of the most important ones. It’s not just a matter of preference – with slow loading of your website, you might lose your place on the search engine results page and thus have a significant drop in traffic. Almost half of the visitors won’t revisit a page that poorly performed, and one out of four users will abandon a website if it takes more than 4 seconds to load. These numbers are worrisome, to say the least, but that’s where our website development agency steps in and saves the day. We can provide you and your consumers with a smooth experience and easy navigation, so each visitor can find what they are looking for with minimal effort.

Social Media Is Not to Be Overlooked

For tech companies, large or small, IT services and startups, social media outlets should not be ignored. It’s a great way to interact with your target audience, so it shouldn’t be left to waste. Among many different platforms, you can benefit the most from LinkedIn and Twitter, with the addition of Instagram. That’s what our social media marketing agency is all about – presenting your vision in the best possible way on all those platforms that will make a difference.

Level Up Your Sales With the Best SEO Agency at Your Side

Creating a successful strategy is something we do together with you – our efforts are always custom created and tailored to meet your needs, wants, and expectations. It’s never been easier to conquer the web – simply reach out to us, tell us a bit about what you do and what you expect, and we’ll put all our efforts into achieving that goal. We specialize in helping businesses reach wider audiences and making them matter. If you need high-quality leads, better conversions, and a much better ROI, you’ve come to the right place. Contact Made Online today, and let our experience help you conquer the web.

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