Merchant Chimp
Case Study

They say every beginning is hard, but we beg to differ. It really isn’t if you know what you are doing.

When Merchant Chimp retained our SEO and web design services, they knew success wouldn’t come overnight. They were launching a brand new merchant processor in an industry where people already chose their sides and were reluctant to switch providers. We knew we needed a showstopping website. 

The first step was to create a new visual identity and a concise copy that will guide people to get in touch with a financial advisor to analyze a merchant statement. 

Content and SEO Strategy

After the new website design was launched, our goal was for people to visit it. The website needed content that would bring people to the website and keep them browsing.

The idea behind our strategy was simple – teach people everything about their merchant statement fees and how much they are overcharging, and then provide them with proof that they could save up to 50% on monthly fees EVERY MONTH. This is where our educational content comes into focus. 

During the first three months, we mainly focused on website design and content preparation. We started our SEO-friendly services shortly after. We pushed the needle forward after 3 months of posting. 

Here are the clicks:

Here are the impressions:

When we compare the last 6 months to the previous period, the growth is evident – more than doubled: 

Here is the same period in Google Analytics:

All of the website visits happened through several channels: organic, direct, and social. The majority of the visitors came to the website through organic search – they found the website through search engines. 

Considering that Merchant Chimp targets financial services, which are among the top 3 most expensive keywords, and that all this growth was achieved through organic search with zero paid promotions, we can see that even businesses that start from ZERO can grow in less than 6 months. 

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