Meet Our Team

Tihana Murić Lalić


Tihana started her career as a copywriter. Soon, she realized she must make something bigger, and that’s how Made Online was made. She truly understands people’s needs, knows how to innovate, and she sees opportunities where others see obstacles. And that’s why we rock.

Iva Jovanović


It’s Iva against Google. And guess what? Iva always wins. That’s how we make your website rank on Google.  Besides finding ways to beat Google, Iva also holds an MBA in History of Art, and actively participates in promoting technology.

Isidora Mašutković

SEO Content Manager

A former journalist with a rockstar attitude, a storyteller, and a pluviophile… Isidora knows what your customers are searching for on Google. And she will use it in your favor! The hidden path to the 1st page in search results is the riddle Isidora solved years before. 

Konstantin Mašutković

Content Editor

A student of biology, and an expert in explaining how complex processes work (in human language). Konstantin is virtuoso in making complicated products and services understandable and closer to potential clients. 

Stevan Tanović

Content Editor

The style is the man himself, and that’s why every piece of content which we create has to be perfectly styled. Stevan is a true perfectionist who knows to recognize diamonds in the rough and make stars out of them. 

Anastasija Stajić

Social Media Manager

Our office’s fashion icon, passionate traveler, and future psychotherapist. Anastasija has this rare talent for making complicated things easy, and that’s why her articles are the top readable pieces.

Anja Đuričić

Outreach Specialist

The professor of the Japanese language, literature, and culture, DJ, and expert in random fun facts. Anja is one of the greatest storytellers you’ll ever meet. She is the one that always makes us laugh and that’s why we adore her!

Jadranka Stanić


A mother of three, incurable bookworm, former bank officer, and head of a metal bend. Jadranka is one of our most experienced writers with exquisite research abilities. There is no problem or topic she can’t handle.

Dušica Ranković


Dušica holds an MBA in Slavic languages, and choosing the right words is her specialty. Her enchanting word plays look like the gracest ballet shows, and her research mind creates pieces of content people trust.

Amela Bičić


A fighter for human rights, incredibly empathic, and dedicated. Amela is a former journalist with an NGO background. She knows the right ways to present the business values in any piece of content she creates.

Janja Mijalković


A professor of Italian Language and Culture, a true book lover, and an aesthetic geek, Janja always knows how to choose the right words. Beauty and harmony are something that drives her, as do her texts.