10 Best TikTok Tips for Promoting Your Business

The TikTok algorithm is one fascinating recommendation system, there’s no denying that. There are numerous things you should know about making content if you want to hack the algorithm and get your videos to the target audience. Luckily, there are some great TikTok tips out there that can help you on your way to glory – we’ve talked about them in this article, so keep reading for all the valuable wisdom!

If You Want to Take Your Business Account to Another Level, You’ll Need Some TikTok Tips 

Deciding on a digital marketing strategy for your brand isn’t easy, but if there’s one thing that all marketers can agree on right now, it’s that you need social media to be a part of it. However, in 2023, a few Insta posts clearly won’t be enough – you need to step up your game and incorporate some awesome TikTok tricks and tips into your advertising strategy. 

It may sound scary for a beginner, but hey – it’s nothing you can’t handle. Still, if you’re quite sure that all this Gen Z stuff isn’t for you, be sure to find someone who can get your business on a For You page of numerous users and help you build a customer base. Our Team at Made Online can handle that – after all, what’s a good social media management agency for?

TikTok website on a desktop
Businesses need to use all the benefits that this app can offer – don’t miss out on it

#1 Do Your Homework Related to the Target Audience – Find Out What Kind of Content They Like

Knowing what your business is like and how you want to promote it on social media isn’t enough. You will also need to understand how to relate to your target audience – what kind of content will make them engage with your account and subsequently get your brand better visibility and connection with its customers? 

tiktok on the phone
Every audience is different – what will yours relate to?

#2 Feel Free to Jump on Trends – Use Viral Sounds 

TikTok is primarily about having fun – users like to see upbeat, interesting content. This isn’t the place for “serious” marketing (quotes are here because this kind of marketing will surely bring your business some serious results!). So, it’s not unprofessional to participate in trends as a brand – in fact, it’s expected that you do. 

It can make your business seem approachable and relatable, which is something people love in a brand. One of the best and easiest ways to join in on a trend is to use a viral sound and adapt it to your style – not only will it be great content, but it will also help you with the algorithm!

Voice Effects Can Make a Video Fun and Captivating – Don’t Hesitate to Try Them

Now, hear us out – this might seem even weirder for a business to do, but remember that TikTok videos with effects don’t have to be serious to convey a message and influence people. Brands often worry about looking too silly on this platform, but that’s a mistake. Having your videos be narrated by a chipmunk voice, for example, is as relatable as a business can be!

Give Greenscreen Effect a Shot 

If you’re a small business with a not-so-huge marketing budget, you might worry about where you will film your TikToks. Luckily, TT has taken care of that with its brilliant greenscreen feature. You can use essentially anything as your background – whether it’s a photo or a video. Check out this example from our account.

#3 Make TikToks From Your Viewers’ Comments

Replying to a comment in the form of a video is one of TT’s best features – it gives you a chance to interact with your audience while still getting new content from that. It’s an excellent way to show your viewers that you care about them – if people notice that a brand often responds to comments, they will be motivated to comment on their videos. This kind of positive interaction will work to your advantage and help you work the TT algorithm.

It’s Important to Get People Invested in Your Content Enough to Want to Comment

Of course, your videos have to be interesting enough so that people will have a reason to comment on them. Although the topics on which you post depend on your niche, one thing all businesses can do is add a little CTA at the end of the video or in the caption – invite users to discuss something with you in the comments. This is a great way to get more engagement. As you develop a bigger following, there will be more and more users who wish to know more about you or your business. Check out how Fenty Beauty uses comments for making new videos – their account is an excellent example. 

#4 Get Right to the Point – No Long Intros 

Everything on TT moves pretty fast – you give viewers time to get bored, and they’re already scrolling away from your content. That’s why you have to get to the point of the video as soon as possible or get the viewer hooked in some other way. Your goal is to have the people invested enough so they’ll want to stay

Keep the TikTok Videos Short and Informative

TikTok isn’t the platform where it’s best to overwhelm viewers with too much info – instead, try to post short videos. TikToks can be as long as three minutes, but the chances are that more people will stick around to watch a 15-second video. Since the video completion rate carries significant weight in the algorithm, posting shorter content can get you a long way on this app. For example, the Australian Open posted a funny part of Djokovic’s interview instead of the entire interview – they knew what they were doing. 

#5 Keep Track of Your Analytics

Unless you’re a math geek, bothering with numbers can get tedious, but it’s a necessary evil. Analytics can tell you plenty about the mistakes you’re making and what you’re doing well. They also help you keep track of your progress on the app. For a business account, they are surely a valuable tool. Of course, you don’t have to deal with them on your own – hire an advertising agency like Made Online, and you won’t have a single worry on your mind. 

Remember That Time When You Post on TT Matters

Those who have Insta accounts know the importance of posting at the right time – on TT, you will also have to pick your moments wisely. That means relying on analytics to tell you when your audience is the most active. Why is this crucial for your success? The recommendation system pays attention to the level of engagement your video received in the first few minutes – if it flops then, don’t expect it to go viral. 

Young woman looking at her phone and drinking coffee
Picking the right time to post is crucial, and analytics can tell you when to do it

#6 Create “How to” Type of Videos

TT is the perfect kind of social media platform to convey your knowledge on any subject. In the case of a business, it means you can put out excellent content to further explain your product or services and show the viewers how they can benefit from them. Popular “How to” TikToks are just the way to do that – everyone loves to learn a good hack or hear useful tips on various topics – take a look at this quick and simple video on how to make fresh pasta.

Vlog Style Content Is Worth Giving a Shot as Well

Vlogs might require extra effort – you will probably film more content than you can fit into TT format, so some editing will be necessary. Still, they are a nice way to change things up a bit – which is always useful when we’re talking about businesses. You can show your customers more about what running a business is actually like. “Day in a life” kind of vlogs are popular because they offer an interesting insight into creators’ lives.

A woman sitting with a laptop, book, and phone in hand
People like day-to-day types of videos

#7 Add Text Overlays to Your TikToks

If you know how the TT algorithm works, you’ll know that the more information you provide in your video, the better the recommendation system knows who to show it to. Apart from the practical reasons to add text overlays, there are creative ones as well – text allows you to further elaborate on the content or create pop-ups at just the right time. That way, your TikToks will look better. Here’s one such example of how text overlays can affect the end result.

#8 Be Consistent With Posting on This App – No One Likes an Inactive Profile

This is one of those tips that should go without saying, but let’s mention it just for good measure. Every business account has to post often – staying consistent with your content is important not just because of your audience on this app but also because it shows the algorithm that you are a reliable creator. 

We’re not saying that daily posting is necessary, but if your profile has no new content in months, people will simply forget about you – that’s as far away from building a customer base as you can get, don’t you think? We know you won’t make this rookie mistake – hopefully, you’ll have an advertising agency that will schedule your posts.

Young woman in a cafe reading a text message from her mobile phone, close up portrait
One of the top tips – find a social media management agency to handle your TT

#9 Put Some Effort Into Captions – Keywords, Hashtags, and CTA Are All Welcome 

Once more, the importance of making the algorithm your buddy – feed it information about your TikToks, and it will know on whose For You pages to land your content. Captions are a gold mine for this – think of what you can write there. Hashtags, keywords (think of all the benefits of SEO on TT!), a witty call to action? A caption is your playground – how well you handle it can decide the result of the game.

#10 Don’t Forget That TT Is Supposed to Be Fun – Creativity Will Get You a Long Way Here 

We often put too much importance on the practical aspect of creating content for business purposes. Sure, analytics, hashtags, and everything that goes in the same package is important – but we can’t let them overshadow our creativity. Ultimately, the content that has the most success on this platform is the most original one – always keep that in mind!


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♬ original sound – Vanessa Sirias

If You Don’t Like Dealing With TikTok “For You” Tricks, Let Our Advertising Agency Handle It for You

Having a social media marketing agency by your side as you build or expand your business is practically a must in this digital age. Why not let professionals handle your accounts and ensure you post valuable and entertaining social media content that will make your brand stand out? Made Online can be there for you every step of the way – we’ll make it our mission to manage your TT in the best way possible. You just need to contact us to get things started!

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