How to Use Instagram for Marketing

If you’re new to the world of internet advertising, you must be wondering how to use Instagram for marketing. It’s not a secret that many famous influencers managed to earn fortunes doing different kinds of promotions and collaborations over this platform, and almost anyone could benefit from it. The only thing left is to learn how to market your idea on the platform, and you can easily find that out by following our tips.

Using Instagram for marketing is possible by creating an optimized business account and using it to promote your brand and the products you sell or services you offer. You can achieve this by creating some original online content that will keep your clients interested and tracking their impressions.

Why Use Instagram for Marketing and Promotions in 2023

IG is a powerful platform, not only for self-promotion but also for promoting brands, ideas, projects, music, and anything else you can imagine. Statistics show that this social media platform is extremely popular and is accessed by over 2 billion active users every month. Among millennials, you can barely even find a person that owns a smartphone and doesn’t have this application – no matter if they open it to post food pictures or just to communicate with other users over text messages. 

The thing that makes this platform really convenient for promotions is that it offers a wide diversity of users and content. Although it might seem it is pretty easy to achieve your goal, the algorithm of this app frequently changes, and you really need to follow new updates in order to stay interesting to your followers and pop up on their feeds. For example, carousel photos were constantly pushed as a new feature that brought more engagement, and then there were reel videos that really stood out from other content. The newest upgrade is a status update option that some older users compared to Facebook or, which were extremely popular in the early 2000s.

It is suggested that you rely on this platform for promotions because it doesn’t require too much effort, but it can still bring phenomenal results. The only things you need are creative ideas and patience. Learn how to use Instagram for business marketing with our tips, and we’re sure that you’ll be amazed by the results. 

how to use instagram for marketing

Fun Facts and Statistics About Instagram Users and Business

Here are some facts that recent studies show about shopping and businesses promoting statistics linked to Insta users:

  • IG users in the United States make purchases there at a rate of about 11%,
  • Every single month, 130 million individuals tap on posts that are related to InstaShopping,
  • 81% of IG users conduct product and service research before making a purchase using the site,
  • Seventy-two percent of IG users have reported buying a product after seeing it on the site, and eighty percent of users following at least one company on the network,
  • Approximately 62% of respondents indicate that after seeing a brand or product featured in Insta Story, they are becoming more interested in the brand or product.

Shopping on Instagram Is an Extremely Popular and Easy Option to Use

Insta users are generally more than willing to follow businesses on IG because they are constantly discovering new things to purchase and making purchases directly from their Instagram feed.

It is also important to note that IG is continuing to invest in tools that will assist online retailers and brands in converting interaction into sales. Instagram ads that run well frequently produce outstanding results and deliver a high level of engagement.

An image of a business Instagram account
Making your IG public is one of the first necessary steps

How to Use Instagram for Marketing? First, Create an Instagram Business Account to Approach the Market

You’ll need an Instagram Business or Insta Creator account to start utilizing IG for promotions. You only need to change your profile category if you already have a personal account. This is how you do it:

  • Select the hamburger menu icon in the top right corner of your IG,
  • Select Settings,
  • There may be a Switch to Professional Account option available for some accounts. If not, carry on with the subsequent steps,
  • Click Account,
  • Click Continue after selecting Switch to Professional Account,
  • After choosing a Category, tap Done,
  • Follow the instructions after tapping Business,
  • You should add an Insta biography and contact information after creating your account.

Learn How to Optimize Your Profile

In order to launch a promotion campaign for your company, the first step you will need to take is to handle the fundamentals of setting up an IG account. You are required to provide your contact details, have a description that is optimized for keywords (don’t forget to include emojis!), and have a profile photo that is instantly recognizable, such as a logo.

This is a wonderful way to get started. However, if you want to make the most of the promotion plan, you want to take your Insta account to a whole new level. Here is a reminder of the things you should focus on:

  • Hashtags that can be clicked – You can now include these in your bio by typing # followed by the chosen word, exactly like you would on a regular post. This feature was previously unavailable. Building a network around your company and discovering the content that others are making about you can both be facilitated by putting your attention on the branded hashtag that you have chosen. In addition, incorporating popular and pertinent hashtags in your Insta posts can be a simple approach to increase the visibility of those posts without requiring a lot of additional effort on your part.
  • Links within your IG that can be clicked – There are many different ways that this can be put to use. You can curate and showcase your products as well as your online store by using just one link if you put up a “link in bio” page on your website by utilizing a program such as Linkpop or Linketree. This is but one method. Your IG bio can now also include links that can be clicked through to the profiles of other users. You can add a hyperlink to lead traffic to other accounts that you have created for a sibling firm if you have created multiple profiles. 
  • Click on the Shop button – You have the option of enabling Instagram Shopping, at which point you will also be able to add a call-to-action button that directs followers to your own personal shop within the app.
people with laptop
When you learn how to optimize your profile you’ll get a full advantage of Instagram

How to Use Instagram Stories for Marketing?

When you have sales, discounts, new items, giveaways, or a new blog article, you should celebrate by promoting it on Stories. The time it takes for your complete story to play out, which is approximately 15 seconds, is more than sufficient time to create excitement through a vivid photo or video with an announcement that is superimposed over it, emoticons, and possibly even an attention-grabbing GIF.

After you have created your visual material or uploaded it from your phone gallery, add a call-to-action copy that explains to clients what they should do in response to your joyful announcement (Get 30% Off Today! Shop Right Now! Check Out the Latest Fall Fashions!) as well as giving them a link that will take them to the page you wish them to visit. 

Make Your Stories Highlights Visible and Organize Them Properly

Introducing Highlights of the Story – a relatively new tool that allows you to make a separate section containing “expired” Stories to many prominent categories. These featured categories will be shown above the Insta feed. This makes your IG appear more fleshed out and enables you to emphasize select critical IG content, like user-generated content, that illustrates the story of your brand.

You Should Also Include Swipe Up Links

The Instagram selling process is simplified by the shopping feature on IG. Swipe Up links, which were previously difficult to implement on Insta Stories, are now available to business profiles with more than 10,000 Insta followers. These links allow profiles to jump directly to their website, which was previously difficult to accomplish on the platform.

The most exciting part? Users’ interests and actions inside IG are taken into consideration by the app’s algorithm when determining which of your posts to show them. Your ability to reach users who are more inclined to interact with your brand as a result of this makes it simpler for you to receive greater results from your attempts to sell your brand on Insta.

An Instagram story with different tags and links
Insta story leaves many options for linking and tagging

Create Some Quality Content and Smart Strategy

With around 63% of users signing in at least once every day, Instagram is one of the most active user platforms among all social apps. Additionally, they stay on the app for 28 minutes on average.

If you want your IG campaign to be successful, you need to be aware of the best-performing post types. Do Insta Stories appeal to your audience the most? Or do they favor the typical IG images? Despite the fact that every population is unique, a lot of data has thankfully been gathered that can help us decide where to start.

IG users enjoy a wide variety of post types, such as advertisements, inspirational sayings, images of products, do-it-yourself content, and pictures posted by other users. However, people desire variety, so if you consistently stay on the same kind of Insta posts for too long, they’ll grow impatient or irritated.

Instagram Video Posts Are Great for Marketing

IG videos are valuable since they allow users to access more information. Even if you plan to utilize IGTV, keep your video brief. The majority of Insta users are smartphone users, and they rarely stay on the site for longer than 10 to 15 seconds each time.

Most innovative companies and artists in the world are pushing Insta Stories to its boundaries. To get ideas, keep a close eye on how your rivals are utilizing this platform. If you don’t have time to create content on your own, hiring a content marketing agency is always a good idea. A social media marketing agency can rely on all of these techniques to achieve your goals, guide you through current achievements, create new ideas, and much more. 

Social media icons and a megaphone
Creating quality content for socials is crucial for good promotion

Use These Tips to Boost Your Account and Achieve Incredible Results

Put the following advice to use when developing your strategy in order to increase the likelihood of success for your brand:

  • Improve the performance of your profile,
  • Develop a content strategy for your account,
  • Don’t forget hashtags,
  • Publish your stories on Insta,
  • Create highlight reels out of your Insta Stories,
  • Establish a storefront on Insta,
  • Run a contest,
  • Take advantage of Insta Automation,
  • Make IG Reels,
  • Collaborate with popular users on IG,
  • Set up IG adverts,
  • Hire an SEO marketing agency.

Hire a Social Media Management Agency for the Best Results

If you are new to this and feel overwhelmed with all the information and options on Insta, there is no need to panic. You can always choose to hire a professional social media agency and let the professionals take care of your accounts in order to achieve the best results.

Made Online is the best SEO agency, providing social media development, SEO marketing services, content writing, and much more. With these incredible services, your website and social media platforms, including IG, can run smoothly and grow your business better than you ever imagined. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, and we’ll be more than happy to help you get all the answers.

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