How to Get People to Your Website

There were more than 2.71 billion global digital buyers, and approximately 84% of them purchased something based on recommendations from a blog. With this data in mind, you, as a business owner, should learn how to get people to your website.

There are many different ways to promote the website, and it can be tricky to know which ones will work best for you. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the most effective methods for driving traffic. So if you’re ready to start generating more leads online, keep reading!

Why Is Getting People to Your Website Important? 

What’s the point of having a great product or offering an excellent service if there is nobody to sell it to? That’s one of the main reasons why increasing website traffic is crucial for your business. 

The more people visit your website, the more potential clients you’ll attract. The number of website visitors determines how many chances your company has to make an impact, generate qualified leads, share your brand, and form partnerships.

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There are many reasons why you should get people to your website

Invest in Web Development and Impress Customers

Did you know that around 40% of small businesses don’t have websites? This presents a chance for new business owners to surprise their rivals, particularly if they choose to work with web design experts to create a website that looks professional. 

Because let’s face it, websites are your portfolio. This is where potential clients discover, learn, and engage with your business. All of that starts with web development or the creation of the website. 

Web development can include anything from creating a simple landing page to a complex e-commerce site. It is important because it determines how your website looks, feels, and functions. A well-developed responsive website will be easy to use and navigate while also providing the information and resources that your visitors are looking for. In other words, web development is what makes your website user-friendly

User experience is critical, especially if you want people to keep coming back. In fact, statistics show that around 90% of site visitors won’t return if they have a bad user experience. Fortunately, a professional website development agency can help you create the perfect website for your business. 

Improving Speed Increases Conversions

In the world of online marketing, if you’re running a website, there’s one term you need to be familiar with before anything else – site speed. Site speed is simply how fast your website loads

And in today’s fast-paced, digital world, it’s more important than ever. Here’s why: 

  • Conversion – A one-second delay in page load time causes a 16% decrease in user satisfaction. Furthermore, if the speed improves for one second, the conversions increase by 27%. At the same time, a one-second delay causes page views to drop by 11 percent. 
  • Google Search ranking – Google has stated that site speed is a ranking factor for searches. Also, know that a slower page load usually means a higher user bounce rate. The bouncing happens when customers get bored of waiting for the site to load. This shows that the website is not good.   
  • Loyalty, aka repeat business – Consider that businesses lose $18 billion each year due to abandoned online retailer shopping carts. This mostly happens because their websites are not fast enough. 

As you can see, site speed is essential for any business with an online presence. If you’re not paying attention to your site speed, you could be missing out on conversions, loyal customers, and even a good search ranking. So if you want a fast and efficient website, hire a website development agency to make it as fast as possible. 

Web Development Coding Programming Internet Technology
Web Development can make your site user-friendly

Fill Your User-Friendly Site With All the Right Keywords

Have you ever wondered how some websites always seem to appear at the top of a search engine’s results pages? It’s no accident – these websites use keywords to their advantage.

When used correctly, keywords can do wonders for driving traffic to your website and increasing its online visibility. They can also help build page authority, boost ranking, and keep up with the competition. Plus, keywords provide long-term marketing results.

Let’s take a closer look at how your website can benefit from the right keywords

Drive Traffic to Your Website

One of the most obvious benefits of keywords is that they drive traffic to your website. By including relevant keywords in website content, you can attract visitors who are specifically searching for the products or services that you offer.

For example, let’s say you own a pet store. You would want to include relevant keywords in your website content, such as “pet supplies,” “dog food,” “cat toys,” etc. That way, when people search for those terms, your website will appear in the search results. And if your website is user-friendly and offers what they’re looking for, there’s a good chance they’ll visit your site.

Right Keywords Increase Visibility

In addition to driving traffic to your website, keywords can also help increase your visibility online. When you include relevant keywords in your website content, you make it easier for people to find your site when they search for those terms. And the more visible your site is, the more likely people are to visit it.

Provide Credibility and Help Build Page Authority

When you use relevant keywords in your website content, it helps show that you know what you’re talking about, which in turn provides credibility and helps build page authority

For example, if you own a home renovation business and you include relevant keywords in your blog posts about home renovation tips, it will help show that you know what you’re talking about when it comes to home renovation. As a result, people will be more likely to trust what you say and view you as an authority on the subject.

Website Rankings Will Boost With the Appropriate Keywords

Including relevant keywords in your website content can also help boost your ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). When search engines crawl websites and index their content, they look for certain factors, including keyword density, to determine where each site should rank on SERPs. 

So if you want to improve your ranking, using relevant keywords is one way to do it! You must be sure not to stuff too many keywords into your content or engage in other black-hat SEO practices. Otherwise, you could be penalized by Google. To avoid all that mess, it is advisable to use the services of a reputable content marketing agency.

Target the Right Demographics With Long Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords describe a phrase made from three to five words. These keywords enable you to target a very specific audience, which is essential for those who want to attract very niche crowds.  

Long tail keywords are crafted to more accurately reflect the way people search, and they are less competitive than generic ones. You may increase the amount of traffic to your website and increase the likelihood that these visitors will convert by using long-tail keywords.

These keywords become more important as the site visitor continues their journey. Users typically start with a basic search and then refine it as they are directed toward a solution to their problem. That’s why long-tail keywords can be crucial in this situation to set your business apart from the competition.

Did you know that long-tail keywords account for 70% of all search traffic? This indicates that users are often searching for more specific terms. As a result, focusing on shorter keywords might be more challenging and not as beneficial.

keyword optimization
Long tail keywords can bring niche audiences to the website

Invest in On-Page and Off-Page SEO

You’ve probably heard of SEO before, but what is on-page SEO? It is the practice of optimizing your website’s content and design to improve your visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). In other words, it’s all about making sure your website is as search-engine-friendly as possible. 

And why does that matter? What are the benefits of implementing SEO on your website? Because the higher the visibility in SERPs, the more likely people are to find your website and click through to the content. And that means more traffic for you! So if you’re not already investing in SEO, now is the time to start. 

Did you know that 75% of SEO efforts are focused on off-page activities, while only 25% are dedicated to on-page optimization?

Off-page SEO involves actions taken outside of your website to impact your rankings within search engine results pages. This includes building backlinks from reputable sites, social media marketing, influencer outreach, and online reputation management. By investing in off-page SEO, you can enhance your site’s authority and credibility, ultimately driving more organic traffic and improving your overall search engine performance.

seo research
SEO optimization is one of the most important things for your website

Create Informative and Insightful Content

If you want people to actually read your content, it needs to be relevant to what they are searching for. Also, if you want people to share your articles, they need to be well-written, informative, insightful, and engaging. It means you need to have content that is relevant to what people are searching for.

Content marketing, along with SEO, can help you achieve all of these things. For instance, did you know that updating existing articles with new high-quality content can increase organic traffic by almost 111%? Furthermore, with content indexation, rates are improved by 434%. 

All of this is a great reason to hire a content writing agency to help you with putting meaningful information on your website. Not only will a professional content marketing agency know how to pick all the right keywords, but they will also make the whole process of content distribution easy.  

Write Guest Posts and Increase Brand Awareness

Another thing that can help bring people to your website is guest posting. Simply put, this is an act of writing for the site of another company within a similar or the same industry. Guest posting and link-building efforts. can attract traffic back to your website, boost domain authority and increase brand awareness and credibility

On top of that, statistics show that guest posting boosts rankings and ensures an 80% growth in referral traffic This might seem like a lot for a company to take on, and that’s why you should use content distribution services and speed up the whole process (some stats say that the process is 85% faster if it is done by professionals). 

writing articles
Writing high-quality content will do wonders for your website

With Social Media You Can Reach People From All Over the World

You might wonder why social media is so essential when it comes to attracting customers, and the answer is quite simple – it connects people from all over the world. Given that around 90% of millennials use social media at least once every day, you can see how this is a great way to attract people to your website. 

People online share experiences, and that affects the image they have of your company. That’s why your company can use social media to:

  • Allow customers to get familiar with the brand – you can showcase all the things your company stands for. And you will be able to show what your company offers in terms of services and products.  
  • Chance to sell to a wider audience – since social media can reach everybody with an internet connection, you’ll get to sell your services to larger audiences. Keep in mind that 75% of companies reported that marketing on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram increased traffic to their websites.   
  • Your Conversion Rates Can Increase – social media advertising provides high-quality leads, which results in higher lead-to-sale conversion rates.

Now that you grasped the importance of social media, you should include it in your marketing strategy. Just remember that you don’t have to do it alone – use social media agency services. With the right social media marketing agency by your side, the online presence of your company will be quite memorable. 

social media
Social media is important for all people who want to engage with clients

Video Marketing Can Help You Get New Customers

Video marketing has evolved into a key component of a business strategy for many websites. Statistics from an animated video production website Wyzowl show that almost 93% of brands got new customers due to videos posted on social media. 

The average person spends around 100 minutes per day watching videos, so it is easy to conclude that video marketing is one of the most important ways to attract customers. 

video editing
Video marketing can also bring the audience to your website

Online Advertising Can Help In the Short Run

Online advertising is a powerful tool for getting people to visit your website. It allows you to reach a larger audience and draw attention to your site, ultimately increasing your web traffic. Depending on the goals of the campaign, various types of online advertising can be used, including pay-per-click (PPC) ads, display ads, and sponsored content.

PPC ads are typically the simplest type of online advertising to set up and manage. These ads appear alongside search engine results when someone searches for a specific keyword or phrase that is related to your ad. With PPC, you only pay when someone actually clicks on the ad, making it an effective way to drive traffic to your website.

The PPC cost depends on the industry, target audience, and chosen keywords. Typically, advertisers pay for every click that leads to a new user or customer visiting their website or performing an action (like making an online purchase).

Hire the Best Marketing Agency to Help You Land on the First Page of Google  

If you’re looking for help getting your website to the first page of Google, look no further than Made Online. We are a full-service SEO marketing agency with years of experience helping businesses just like yours achieve their online marketing goals

Our team of writers, web developers, social media, and SEO experts will work with you one-on-one to develop a custom plan that targets your ideal customer and gets your business in front of the people who matter most. Contact us today to learn more about our SEO marketing services, or get started on your consultation!

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