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In the digital realm, the art of content writing is both a science and a craft. Statistics show that companies who prioritize blogging experience an almost 70% increase in leads compared to those who don’t. Made Online’s team of experts is here to share insights on how to write a blog post that captivates and converts. Let’s dive into the wisdom gathered from the best in the field.

Why is Knowing How to Write a Blog Post Important in Digital Marketing? 

The world of digital marketing can be chaotic. It almost looks like a game of Mario Kart. Everybody’s out to get you and be better than you. That’s why employing somebody who’s mastered crafting engaging content is a key strategy for success.

After all, blogs are a powerful tool for building brand authority, deepening customer relationships, and driving organic traffic. And one of the most compelling reasons to prioritize them is their impact on consumer behavior. Studies indicate that over 80% of consumers develop a more favorable view of a company after reading its customized content.

Additionally, good articles significantly enhance a website’s search engine optimization (SEO). For example, websites featuring regularly updated posts boast a 434% increase in indexed pages and a 97% surge in inbound links compared to those without blogs. The increase in indexed pages boosts SEO, making the site more visible to potential customers searching online.

Understanding how to write a good blog post, therefore, goes beyond mere writing. It’s about enhancing your digital marketing efforts. Simply put, in the game of thrones, high-quality articles will help you reach the crown that is the shiny first page of Google.

Digital Marketing word cloud on the desk
Digital marketing strategy is the essence of a successful business

It All Starts With Relevant Keywords

The journey to a successful post begins with choosing the right keywords. As a diplomat of dialogue, Anja Djuricic from Made Online aptly points out that relevance is key. “You should have a topic or a keyword relevant to your industry. If you specialize in UI and UX design, you certainly won’t get out of your way to describe salmon migrations in Canada.

Integrating strategic keyword research is crucial for elevating the content’s visibility and relevance. It’s not just about attracting more eyes to your website. It’s about attracting the right eyes – those genuinely interested in your niche.

However, the ever-evolving digital world can be hard to follow. That’s why every business owner should have a trustworthy digital marketing agency as a partner. For example, the Made Online team can be a saving grace in following trends and redefining your keyword strategy.  

With the help of a professional SEO marketing agency, your content will stay relevant and stand out. 

The best SEO agency will make sure your keyword strategy is up-to-date

Research is the Backbone of Compelling Content

Research is the key to creating content that does more than just answer questions. It’s about diving into the search intent behind each keyword and building a compelling story around it. This story should provide valuable information and engage readers.

Made Online’s boss of big words, Jadranka Stanic, hits the nail on the head, “Let’s start with the basics – RESEARCH. The secret weapon of every savvy content writer is knowing how to search fast, how to recognize quality resources, and how to use that knowledge to conquer search engines.” 

The power of well-researched content extends beyond engagement. With it, it feels like having the Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone, and the Cloak of Invisibility all in one. It will become a vital tool in mastering search engine algorithms. 

Thorough research is what sets outstanding content apart in the digital realm. For a business, this means turning casual browsers into engaged readers and loyal customers. That’s why, as a business owner, you should have a team that knows how to craft articles that inform, inspire, and intrigue. 

Keyword Planner is a feature within Google Ads for building strong key word lists
Writing a blog post starts with the research

Blueprint for Success – Made Online Writers Design a Blog Outline That Captivates

An effective blog outline serves as more than just a structural guide. It’s a strategic tool for ensuring content relevance and reader engagement. When crafting an outline, a writer considers the main points that should be addressed. Also, how those ideas are interconnected, how each section flows into the next, and how they collectively address the reader’s needs and questions. 

This meticulous approach helps create informative, logically structured, and reader-friendly content, enhancing both readability and SEO performance.

Verbal virtuoso of Made Online, Janja Mijalkovic, brings attention to the importance of a good outline “Too much information can lead you to the darkest depths of the internet. That’s why after you have an idea of what you’ll write about, make the blog outline.” 

For business owners navigating the crowded digital space, where around 7 million blog posts are published daily, having a structured and impactful article is crucial to stand out. That’s why you should entrust the content strategy to professionals. Professionals will give a fighting chance to your website and ensure it is the winner of the Hunger Games that’s ranking on Google. 

Creating Catchy and Engaging Titles Will Demand Audience Attention 

Crafting an effective headline is a blend of art and science. It should encapsulate the essence of the post, incorporate relevant keywords for SEO, and spark curiosity. It should also use powerful, emotive words and create a sense of urgency or benefit to the reader. 

According to Dejana Garcevic, Made Online’s crooner of content, “A headline needs to state what your blog is about! So, try to make a snappy, witty, and, most importantly, irresistible headline that is worth a reader’s click.” 

Remember, headlines are not just a hook but a promise of value. They set expectations for what the reader is about to experience, making them a critical determinant of whether a visitor stays to read more or moves on.

The power of a well-crafted headline extends far beyond mere attraction. For example, an impressive 61% of online users in the US have made purchases influenced by blogs. The right headline can be a significant factor in converting readers into customers

blog concept, blogger hands typing on keyboard, blogging
Titles are the first thing that hooks readers into your article

The Right Mindset Makes Content More Appealing 

Writing a compelling post often begins with facing the blank page, as Dunja Markovic, a nocturnal narrator from Made Online, wisely notes. “It’s the most important part that gets people hooked into reading the following thousand words, so make sure it’s somewhat interesting.

The start is undoubtedly challenging, yet it’s this initial hurdle that sets the stage for the captivating content that follows. A dash of intrigue in the opening lines can hook the readers, compelling them to dive deeper into the narrative.

Dunja humorously suggests that two key elements can set you on the right path – a good cup of coffee and a procrastination buddy. “Once those two important things are secured, take a look at the title of the article and try to see it from a reader’s point of view.”

The path from a blank page to a compelling narrative is best navigated with expertise and insight. For business owners eyeing the digital landscape, partnering with a content marketing agency like Made Online isn’t just about filling pages. It’s about crafting stories that resonate and inspire action

Speaking Their Language – How Vocabulary Connects the Content With Readers

Once you’ve established the right mindset, the next step is choosing the right words. Considering that an average Joe uses anywhere between 800 and 1,000 unique words per day, hitting that sweet spot while writing without sounding pretentious is tricky.   

Made Online’s personal wordsmith MD Natalija Markovic points out, “Should your writing be professional? Can you allow yourself to sound informal or even add a joke or two? Based on this, you can decide on the kind of vocabulary you’ll use. Everyone has their own writing style, and it’s crucial to embrace yours and work on it continuously. That’s the best way to ensure your content will be original and hold the reader’s attention.

That’s why, to avoid losing your mind over the proper use of words like – exponential, fortuitous, or even mitigate, hire a content writing agency to do the thinking for you. Made Online team of professional writers can be just what you need. After all, we know how to write content that never goes out of style

Engaging Content Will Keep the Audience on the Website

Creators who craft exceptional articles would tell you that the entire post must maintain a balance of informative and engaging. Varied sentence structures that incorporate storytelling elements and relate to real-world scenarios all make the text relatable. 

Dunja Aleksic, prolific story sculptor, provides insightful advice on creating engaging content, “For the intro, the most crucial thing is to be engaging. This is done by writing short, eye-catching sentences, preferably in a friendly and inviting manner, if the topic allows it. Once you’ve got the reader hooked, all you’ve got to do is keep the same tone and start filling out the outline you’ve come up with at the beginning. The key to keeping the engagement is to write in short, easy-to-understand sentences – no one likes to read a blog post if it feels like a chore.” 

Including visuals, infographics, or relevant videos can also enhance reader engagement. The key is to present information in a way that is easy to consume. Continuously engaging text keeps the reader on the page longer and encourages sharing, further amplifying reach and impact.

Young happy couple moving in new home, sitting and relaxing on the floor and shopping online with tablet
The audience will appreciate engaging articles that speaks their language

Accurate and Reliable Information Uphold Trust in the Age of E-E-A-T 

For those in digital marketing, Google’s latest E-E-A-T core update was as surprising as a January snow. The update is characterized by an emphasis on Expertise, Experience, Authority, and Trustworthiness (E-E-A-T). This means that the accuracy and relevance of information are paramount

This is especially true in writing, where trust is a currency as valuable as the content itself. As a marvel of writing, Milica Petrovic from Made Online puts it, “The information provided needs to be correct and relevant without inundating the sentences with off-topic details. For example, when writing a blog about how to move to college, people won’t be interested in reading about particular details regarding packaging lawn mowers.

This underlines a key principle in content creation – staying focused on what matters to the audience. It’s about striking the right balance between providing comprehensive information and avoiding the clutter of unnecessary details. Each piece of information should serve a purpose, whether it’s to educate, inform, or guide the reader. 

Furthermore, in an age where misinformation can spread rapidly, upholding integrity is not just good practice — it’s a responsibility. Ensuring that each fact is checked and each source is credible builds trust with the audience and solidifies your brand’s reputation as a reliable source of information. If following E-E-A-T principles, your website will become the Yoda of the chosen niche. The one that everybody quotes and relies on.

E-E-A-T or otherwise known as Experience, Expertise, Authority and Trust
Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trust are the Holly Grail of writing

Wrapping It Up – Your Next Step is Collaborating With Made Online Team

It is clear that in the digital marketing world, top-notch content is a driving force behind organic traffic. Every piece is crucial in assembling the brand’s digital suit of armor, from keywords to accurate and captivating narratives. Think of it as more than a platform – it’s your brand’s Arc Reactor, powering the digital presence and illuminating your path to success. 

That being said, in the ever-evolving online arena, where businesses battle for the spotlight, teaming up with a content marketing agency like Made Online is a game-changer. Our expertise in SEO marketing services, social media strategies, and content creation isn’t just about keeping pace with trends. We’re here to help you fly ahead of them.

Whether you’re a budding startup or an industry titan, joining forces with Made Online is the first step toward a legacy that’s not just seen but remembered. Reach out to Made Online. And in the quest to conquer the digital realm, together we can make your brand not just a player but a superhero.

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