Why Is SEO Important for Your Business?

Being visible in the vast landscape that is the World Wide Web has never been more difficult. Whatever your idea, service, or product is, it’s hard to stand out among the competition. If you are considering different marketing techniques, you should first understand why is SEO important and how it can help you shine. After all, the #1 organic result on search engine results pages (SERP) secures a staggering 39.8% of all clicks.

Why Is SEO Important? Understanding Search Engine Optimization

The reason why you should consider hiring an SEO marketing agency and implementing this type of marketing strategy is that it’s the most cost-effective and manageable way to reach the right audience. Organic traffic from search engines makes up a large portion of the website’s performance and contributes greatly to the shopper funnel.

Ultimately, good search engine optimization is beneficial for getting users to complete conversion. Did you know that the typical rate of conversion for SEO is 2.4%? In other words, two or three out of every hundred visitors will take some sort of action, like filling out a form, downloading a white paper, or signing up for your email list. That is, to stay in your internet store and make a purchase or engage with your content in other ways.

The Key to Digital Visibility and Brand Growth

Every entrepreneur nowadays aims to gain digital visibility, no matter whether their business is internet-based or they are considering conquering the virtual landscape. If you want to build a brand, you should implement various marketing strategies into your internet presence. Above all, you should understand why SEO is important for business, what it stands for, and how to use it to your advantage.

Chances are you are somewhat acquainted with different digital marketing trends and strategies used to build brands. And chances also are that you’ve heard the term Search Engine Optimization being tossed around. So, what is SEO, and why it is important? In short, it’s the most versatile yet cost-effective way to gain visibility for your brand and reach the right audience, and grow revenue.

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B2B companies have generated more than 50% of their revenue from Search Engine Optimization

Why Is SEO Worth It and How Does It Work?

Let’s approach this topic from another angle, and see why is Google SEO important. We’re going to talk about Google because it has the most market share of all the search engines – according to Statista, it has a global market share of 81%. Let’s say you google a term or a keyword, and you get a full page of results or SERP. This page only has 10 available spots, but have you ever really looked at the results found on the second or third page?

To be really competitive and stand out, your goal should be to end up among those top 10 results. Search Engine Optimisation is the right tool to achieve this because by using it, you will be the answer to a potential query by a customer. It brings people to your website, and in time allows you to deepen the business relationships with your customer base.

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93% of consumers search for a local business online

What Are the Top Benefits of SEO for a Business?

It’s true that each marketing tool has its own benefits. If you combine it with a speedy and optimized site developed by a website development agency, you can only sit back and reap the results. However, the best thing about SEO is that it can be built into other techniques, such as PPC or while writing a blog post.

If you’re not sure how it all works, just reach out to a PPC advertising agency or a content writing agency and ask for their help. However, it’s also important to understand thoroughly what you gain by implementing this digital marketing technique, so let’s see the top benefits you gain with SEO.


SEO lowers the costs of paid advertising by creating sustainable and organic traffic. That way you don’t have to spend a lot of money on Google ads. And once SEO starts to work, it can keep bringing you results. Even if you spend less or stop investing.

SEO and PPC Work Perfectly Together

There’s no doubt that PPC and SEO work together. It’s because your page takes more space on SERPs.

Bring More People To Your Website

The website’s purpose is to have people visit it, even if you own a brick-and-mortar location. The faster you get in front of the eyes of the right audience, the higher the traffic on your page will be. You will achieve this by using and implementing the right keywords, tags, and meta descriptions.

Build Credibility

Customers who notice that your internet site ranks immediately assume that your business is reliable. The higher the ranking, the more they will see your brand as good, credible, and trustworthy, and thus more likely they are to make a purchase and become part of a regular client base.

Google also rates skill and experience. The search quality rating guidelines for E-E-A-T are Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

Stay Ahead of the Competition With Local SEO

You need to constantly maximize your efforts since you won’t be the only one implementing these strategies. You can conquer your area by using a local SEO services agency and even get some YouTube attention with a YouTube SEO agency. Keep in mind that the second page of SERP only got clicked by 0.63% of people.

Grow Your Online Presence

Becoming more and more visible to potential customers leads to a stronger internet presence and establishes your brand online. There are more than 200 million different websites today, so you should work smartly so your target audience can find you with no effort. Keyword optimization will be of essential importance when you want to stand out, especially in a competitive industry.

Get More Clicks

If you look at the data from 2022 provided by FirstPageSage, you will see that the top result on Google SERP has a CTR (Clickthrough rate) of almost 40%. When you think about Google being the largest commerce drive in the US, with 84.2 billion visits in December 2023, you will get the larger picture of why it’s important to rank. This optimization approach is made specifically for that purpose – to get you to the top.

How This Type of Digital Marketing Works

When you think about optimization, you should realize that it has everything to do with both quality and quantity. Its purpose is to conquer all kinds of web engines to allow you to gain real, organic traffic. There are many elements to building good optimization. Here’s how they strengthen your digital advertising efforts:

  • Keyword analysis – Keywords include single words but, more often, certain phrases that people frequently use as queries to find things online. Do thorough research and strategically place these phrases inside your content avoiding keyword cannibalization.
  • Backlink building – these are elements that you incorporate into your web page so they can lead to other high-quality pages. This helps your web page to build credibility because you are linking sources relevant to your area of expertise.
  • Content creation – You can communicate directly through high-quality content rich with keywords with your existing and potential customers. Content can include blogs, infographics, page text, videos, podcasts, newsletters, and social media posts (this is where a social media marketing agency can be of great help).
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Almost 30% of businesses use content marketing

Visibility Attracts More Consumers and Grows Revenue

Your ultimate goal when you implement different marketing techniques and let them work in synergy is to appear in searches of your target audience. If everything is done correctly, once potential customers seek a product or service that you offer, you will get right under their noses because the keyword phrases have come into play. Once they realize you offer what they were looking for, that’s where engagement begins. 

Strategy in the Long Run for Optimized ROI

This strategy is the correct pathway to visibility, which impacts the ROI and the buying cycle. Combining data and improving the optimization and your website’s performance can only lead to success. It’s intentional, and also a data-driven approach that will help your business in the long run. However, keep in mind that it’s an ever-changing field that also takes a lot of research, so perhaps it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

This strategy also develops and changes when new technology does. It immediately affects user experience, promotes your brand, increases traffic, and engages customers, so it should be viewed as an essential part of your company’s successful development.

A laptop showing metrics
The highest-ranking websites have meta descriptions and backlinks included on their pages

Optimize, Implement, and Offer the Best Website to Your Audience

This may seem a bit too overwhelming, as there are a lot of bases to cover, but implementing this technique on your site, content, and social media posts has proven time and time again to be fruitful. If you want it done in the best possible way, reach out to Made Online, a professional SEO agency. We can help you create a custom plan that will correspond with all your needs. Contact us today and let us draft you a custom plan so your enterprise can shine among the competition.

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