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What Is Local SEO?

What is a local SEO practice? You may have heard of search engine optimization, but you likely didn’t know there’s a locally-based option that can improve your business and exposure.

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What Is Keyword Cannibalization?

What is keyword cannibalization? It sounds dangerous and scary, and in some ways – marketing-wise – it can be. However, this seemingly terrifying concept can be avoided and fixed with

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What Does SEO Stand For?

If you have a website, you’ve probably already heard of SEO. But chances are you’re not entirely sure what it means nor why is it important. Let’s discuss what does

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How to Overcome Writer’s Block

If you are an aspiring author or you write for a content marketing agency, then you’ve probably already heard about the biggest boogeyman in the writing industry – writer’s block.

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8 Benefits of SEO For Businesses

Anyone that runs a business nowadays should care for its digital presence and establishment of the brand. That’s why it’s of the essence to know what are the benefits of

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