What Is a Google Business Profile and Why Is It Important for Enterprises?

You may have noticed when googling companies that they have profiles on the right side of the page with information about their office hours, location, and reviews. This is something every budding entrepreneur needs to understand and have. So, what is a Google Business profile, and why is it important?

A Google Business Profile (GBP) is an essential part of any company that wants to improve its online presence. This is more or less like a digital calling card because you let customers know your working hours and address and provide images and reviews for insight into what you do and who you are.

What Is a Google Business Profile?

Google’s power has become immeasurable. It holds over 90% of the search engine market share, so ranking on it is crucial. You can rank with some great local SEO, but it’s still recommended to make a company page.

This service is free. If you have G-Suite, you can create a company account, but this is only available to brick-and-mortar businesses with a visiting clientele. A restaurant needs it to stand out locally and online. Digital-only companies can use Ads and Analytics instead. 

A typical GBP contains:

  • Location on Maps,
  • Working hours,
  • Website link,
  • Store address,
  • Phone number,
  • Service options,
  • Images (store photos, logo),
  • Reviews and answers.

What Is Google My Business Called Now?

This service was once known as Google My Business (GMB,) but it removed “my” from the name at the end of 2021. The abbreviation is usually GB or GBP. However, this isn’t the first time the service had a name change.

It was launched in 2005 under the name Local Business Center. It became Google Places in 2010, Google+ Local in 2012, and GMB in 2014. That name lasted the longest, and people still often refer to it that way.

What Is Google My Business Used For?

Companies that want to follow digital marketing trends and get noticed online and IRL should include a GBP for a better online presence. When you want a specific service or product, you’ll first resort to Googling it. 

So, what is Google My Business listing? Say you want to schedule a doctor’s appointment but aren’t familiar with any decent clinics in the neighborhood. You’ll search “clinics near me” or “doctor’s offices near me” and get the necessary results.

Whatever you’re selling, your potential clients will act the same – they’ll search for your products or service. To get noticed, you need a GBP; otherwise, your ranking may suffer. It doesn’t sound fair but remember – creating it is free – so you can’t blame budget restrictions.

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You can make a company page quickly and easily with several clicks

Why Enterprises Need a GBP

“Everyone has it” may not be a compelling reason for every entrepreneur, but it’s important. When trying to stand out, not creating a GBP isn’t the way. You can use other channels for such creativity, such as your design and branding. Because everyone has this page, their chances of getting noticed have already jumped.

If you need extra persuasion, read more about the benefits of GBP.

Get Your Profile and Company Discovered on Maps

Your company’s online presence is usually defined by discoverability. You can be more popular when you’re easier to find, so make sure your location isn’t shrouded in mystery for no particular reason. When you pinpoint your address, customers will have a better chance of finding you and using your services.

When someone clicks on your address in Maps, and a GBP pops up, they’ll have everything necessary to opt for your services. That is quick, effortless, and easy to use. People usually don’t want to spend a lot of time searching for an ideal service provider, and having a GBP means they’ll notice you quicker.

Build Trust With Social Engagement

People heavily rely on customer reviews and a company’s social engagement. They’re a great way to convince people to invest in or buy products without exaggerating or overselling.

Reviews help you build trust and show you’re working on being accommodating. After all, one of the digital marketing trends for 2023 includes building a solid relationship with your customers. The star rating and comments shown on your GBP will let everyone know how great you are.

Control Your Company Information

Imagine finding a company with specific working hours, but when you go to check it out, it’s closed. This is an example of a non-updated GBP and a lack of consideration for potential clients. When you update working hours, you show them you care.

Updating your page to accommodate all schedule changes is easy. Creating a GBP is free, and so are all of the updates. This is often related to local SEO. If you don’t know about the benefits of SEO for businesses, hire an SEO marketing agency to explain or, better yet, show you why it matters so much.

All high-quality websites don't require users to wait long until pages load
You can check your stats and edit company info with a GBP

How to Create a GBP

If you’re convinced of the benefits of having a GBP, now is the time to make some changes. Boot up your browser and get to crafting your original company page. The steps aren’t complicated but require dedication since there are plenty of details to enter.

#1: Log Into Your Account and Create a Company Profile

The first step is to log into your G-Suite. When you click on the account icon on the top right, you can go to “Manage” and choose the Business Profile setup option. When you enter a company name, a drop-down menu will appear; if the name doesn’t show right away, click “Add,” select the appropriate category, and go to “Next.”

Google’s Help Center says that if you see a page for an old company at the exact location, do not try to claim it. Instead, you can suggest editing to mark it as closed, giving you a chance to add your own company.

#2 Add Your Location and Contact Information

The next step will lead you to a page with the question: “Where do you serve your customers?” In brackets, you’ll see the word “optional,” but it’s suggested to fill this out so that clients know where your store is. The more accurate your address is, you’ll get more chances to grow.

If you just type in “United States” instead of a specific address, there will be another page asking you to specify a region. That’s where you’ll have to enter the state of operations.

#3 Verify All the Information About Your Company

The following page will ask for your contact information – phone number, website, or both. You can also mark that you don’t have a website in the checkbox below. When you click “Next,” you’ll also have to enter your mailing address.

The info required here includes the country or region of operations, street address, city, province, and postal code. Make sure everything you enter is accurate. This is possible to change, but better not to start on the wrong foot right away.

Later, verify the data you’ve entered by typing in a 5-digit code you received in the form of a text message to the registered phone number. Enter the code and click “Verify,” which will lead you to a confirmation screen.

#4 Get To Customizing

When you go to your GBP manager, you can add a manager’s name and further details that help you get noticed. That would be your operating hours, contact info, and even logo. You can also add messaging preferences and photos of the location.

#5 Add Images

For the best optimization, add appropriate images, such as the logo and a cover photo. Images that reflect your company, team, and social engagement should be front and center, so potential customers can recognize your brand and engage with your content.

Photos carry particular relevance for restaurants; posting photos of best-rated meals and foods is a wonderful way to attract new people. Don’t be shy to also post your menu, as many people like to choose what they’ll order beforehand.

#6 Answer Questions and Reviews

Reviews are the quickest way for people to decide whether to engage with a company. If there’s a plethora of negative feedback, choosing you or improving your reputation is tough. If you do a good job or service, ask clients for feedback while their impressions are fresh.

Similarly, if anyone asks you a question on your profile, answer as soon as possible and with proper etiquette. This will give you a great ranking and reputation.

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People will find you in no time when searching for a company of the such caliber

Verify That All Your Keywords Are Relevant

Being the main result of an online search isn’t only related to how well your GBP looks. You also need good marketing – which is where SEO comes into play. SEO stands for “search engine optimization,” and it’s usually done by an SEO services agency or even a full-time advertising agency.

It allows old and new businesses to become visible online by optimizing their websites and content. Keywords are an integral part of that. When your page is optimized with the right keywords and phrases, the chance of reaching your target audience improves.

If you don’t have a target audience, it’s time to reconsider that. When you learn who you’re planning to sell your products to, the company’s purpose will crystalize. And when this happens, sales will skyrocket.

When you’ve made sure crucial keywords are a part of your online exposure campaign, people will be able to find you quickly and easily.

SEO tiles
SEO is your ticket to major online success

Let a Professional SEO Agency Create Your Profile Quickly

Many beginner businesses don’t always know where to begin with their company profiles. Although Google’s algorithm makes them easy to create, getting advice from someone professional will give any company a fighting chance. 

That’s why hiring a marketing and website design agency like Made Online can help you get made online and reach new heights in your career. Our experts won’t just improve your stats and sales, but you’ll be able to understand how they’ve made that happen.

And better yet, we don’t offer one-dimensional service that succeeds in one area and falls flat in the other. We can assist you in achieving every possible goal that leads to improved sales and operations. Simply said, with our experts, getting made is easy.

With Made Online, you can count on the following services:

  • YouTube optimization,
  • Local and general search engine optimization,
  • Content writing, 
  • Web design,
  • Web development,
  • PPC,
  • Social media marketing.

You Can Trust SEO Marketing Services to Help You Get Seen

Learning what is Google My Business page is a great first step in understanding your company better. Entrepreneurs understand the ins and outs of running businesses, making them succeed, and keeping them above water. Anyone can make a GBP, but not anyone can intuitively run a company. 

If you find yourself among the brave people that feel like being a CEO is their life calling, that’s excellent – you’re one step closer to success. But you don’t have to achieve it alone, as struggling and never asking for help don’t define a successful person. 

Understanding when and where to ask professional agencies for assistance will make you a better boss – even if it’s for a simple GBP creation.

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