How to Overcome Writer’s Block

If you are an aspiring author or you write for a content marketing agency, then you’ve probably already heard about the biggest boogeyman in the writing industry – writer’s block. But how to overcome writer’s block and start writing articles, novels, and books again? Let’s consider several approaches to this issue.

Many great writers had something to say about the so-called Blank Page Syndrome, and fortunately, we can learn a thing or two from them. Charles Bukowski had a great piece of advice when he said – “Writing about writer’s block is better than not writing at all.” But there are several ways you can go about it if you are feeling like you’re stuck or overwhelmed. BPS can possibly be a great issue if you just want to let it pass and not do anything about it, so let’s analyze how this happens and what you can do about it.

What’s a Writer’s Block or Blank Page Syndrome?

Have you ever experienced a long period of time when you find yourself staring at an empty page and not being able to write something that has meaning? Or how George R. R. Martin said while talking to Stephen King – you create a sentence, and you hate the sentence, then you check your email and wonder whether you have any talent at all? And wonder whether you should have been a plumber?

Writer’s block or the Blank Page Syndrome can be temporary or lasting, and whether you work on novels or in a content writing agency, this could present a real issue. However, you should keep in mind that every writer struggles with it at some point, but what matters is what you do about it.

So, What Causes This Issue?

Before we start talking about how to overcome writer’s block and get your writing back on the course again, we should consider the causes. Although they might vary from one individual to another, here are some common ones:

  • Perhaps the timing isn’t right. Not everyone can be a writer that approaches his work like any other job, with a daily goal in mind. After all, some ideas should probably stew a bit in your head before you put them on paper (or in your document file).
  • Fear and anxiety are also among the common causes of BPS. Many authors are afraid to have their ideas written down because they fear the reactions of other people, and their critique. This might be such an unbearable fear that it prevents potential writers from creating anything at all.
  • If you are among the writers that have to get everything just right, every little detail, your perfectionism might be the issue and the cause behind your BPS. Sometimes, it can even prevent you from taking a pen or touching the keyboard because you never get it perfect in your head.
If you are a perfectionist, it may be the probable cause of your BPS

How to Overcome Writer’s Block

Not many people can be as disciplined as Stephen King, who has a set daily goal for the number of words. Or Brandon Sanderson, who wrote five (yes, FIVE) novels in secret during the pandemic while working on two already. Even William Faulkner had it easy because he claimed – “I only write when I am inspired. Fortunately, I am inspired at 9 o’clock every morning.”

Vanquishing this enemy known to every author doesn’t have an easy answer or a formulaic fix. However, it’s beatable, but the approaches may vary, depending on what works best for you. If you experience it many times – as most authors or content writers working for an SEO marketing agency do – you will come to realize that each victory is different. Whatever you do, one thing is for certain – don’t give up or sit and do nothing.

Blank Page Syndrome is an eternal enemy of creative scribbling

Start by Analyzing the Problem

No, the problem isn’t you, so don’t let the thought “I’m bad at this” be the first one to come to your mind. Your thoughts can even get to that point where you are considering becoming a web developer and what it takes to get people to your website. Although running a website development agency is a great job, you shouldn’t give up on your creative skills just yet.

Start by determining what causes your BPS. Ask yourself whether you are competing with others and how important it is for you to succeed. Are you confident enough in your own abilities, no matter how much experience you already have? Question yourself if you’ve taken a too-long break from creative work, so it intimidates you now or if you’re tired, run-down, and overwhelmed. Also, consider whether you’re not sure where your story is going. Each of these issues requires a different approach and solution, and there’s no easy fix, so let’s see what you can do about it.

Approach the problem by analyzing the causes

The First Cure to Get You Writing Again Is to Look For Inspiration

Can you remember the moment when you felt the urge to start putting down ideas, thoughts, and stories onto paper? What was the thing that inspired you? If you have a favorite author that was the initial inspiration behind your career, consider turning back to them or your favorite book.

List All Your Most Loved Authors That Inspired Your Writing

If you want to start overcoming your BPS, one of the best things you can do is list all your most loved authors. Take some time to think about and remember who inspired you the most. It could be someone current or an author from years ago – it doesn’t matter as long as they have inspired and influenced you. 

Read Your Favorite Book for Inspiration

Once you have a list of authors, read or re-read some of their work. You may even want to consider emulating some of their styles to get the creative juices flowing. See if any ideas appear after they have been inspired by the authors’ stories or works. This could be the perfect way to start overcoming your BPS. 

Talk With Other Authors to Overcome Writer’s Block

Another great way to start overcoming your BPS is to talk about the authors on your list with other readers and writers. Share what you have read, why you like their work, and even some of the themes or ideas that resonated with you. You can also discuss some of their techniques or even get tips on how to improve your own work. 

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Approaching the problem is the first step

Getting Yourself to Write Means Building a Routine

Whether you already have a set routine or not, if you’re experiencing BPS, it means that you should switch things up a bit. It’s not only about being creative, and in truth, if you only wait to feel inspired to create something, you will end up being stuck. So the best way to get your mind set on the process is to write on a regular schedule. Although it sounds as though you can’t force creativity because it should flow naturally, being consistent really helps.

Think about what time of day seems to be the best for you and which days of the week, too. Some of us feel the peak of productivity in the mornings, while others enjoy nighttime quiet, without any pressure whatsoever. Whichever routine suits you, make sure you stick to it, and after 3 or 4 weeks, there will be noticeable results.

If You’re Truly Paralyzed, Write Anything

If you put anything down on paper while your skills feel paralyzed, you are already battling your BPS. Anything is better than doing nothing and letting it remain in such a state. You should try and reach out to a local SEO agency or even a social media agency and see whether they need help with their SEO marketing services. Creating some quality content and being paid for it may get you going, even if you’ve left your own work in the middle of nowhere.

If you want to try another cure when you feel stuck, you should simply sit down and scribble down your current thoughts. It doesn’t matter whether the text seems eloquent or not – even bad writing can get you going. You can also return to the written text later to alter and refine it.

Make sure you write something else from time to time

Approach Your Story From Another Angle

If you’re feeling stuck and can’t find the words to continue your story, you should approach it from another angle. This could mean changing the point of view or writing in a different style. It also could mean simply switching up your routine or breaking down the plot into smaller chunks so that you can focus on one section at a time.

No matter what strategy you choose to help you break through BPS, it’s important to remember that there are always other ways of telling your story. Don’t be afraid to try something new and get creative with how you are telling your tale. You never know what might spark a great idea or take your story in an unexpected direction that you love. By changing your perspective and trying something different, you just might find that the words begin to flow again. So don’t be discouraged if you hit a roadblock in your writing – instead, take it as an opportunity to approach your story from another angle and see what happens.

Perhaps using an old-school typewriter can get your story going

Begin From the Middle

There’s no ultimate rule that says you should write from beginning to end. If you’re a content writer, keep in mind that it’s not a bad idea to think of the structure first and then fill out the sections in such an order that flows from your mind. It’s also a good piece of advice if you are beginning a novel. No one says that you can’t scribble down the end first if you are completely certain how it should look and then continue to work backward. 

Starting in the middle is completely okay too, but perhaps the best approach is to use your ideas and map out the storyline. Getting a bigger picture might be of immense help and can drive you forward in no time. This is like killing two birds with one stone because the map of the story can point you to its trajectory and also prevent any potential future blocks.

woman writing
Start your text from the middle or the end – the choice is yours

Try With Something Else Instead

Sitting by your keyboard or a notepad for hours trying to get your BPS to go away might not be working for you. If you’ve already tried all else from our list, you may want to step away from your work and try the following:

  • Get dressed and go out of your home – a simple walk can do wonders. It will help you clear your mind while you are getting some air at the same time. You can also try running (to get your blood flowing) or even go to the gym if you prefer it.
  • Play some soccer with friends or a tabletop game.
  • Eliminate distractions, if you’ve figured out it’s the most problematic thing for your focus.
  • Listen to music and switch between genres until you find the most suitable for your current mood.

The possibilities are endless, and you should definitely move around a bit to get your mind out of the BPS and any anxiety you might be feeling.

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